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How we CAN help you

If you are a mom or dad looking to get into a fitness routine, we can HELP you.  Our classes are designed with all parents of all abilities in mind. 


Our Story

Theresa and Eric Opp founded Fit Parent Bootcamp in 2017 because they saw a need for a community of health and fitness oriented parents in the San Jose area.  They are both certified personal trainers through ACE and know firsthand how challenging it can be to make fitness a priority when raising young children.

Our weekday classes focus on postpartum, prenatal and stroller fitness for moms.  On Saturdays, we have a joint workout with both moms and dads.  Starting in May of 2019, we will add a weekday night class for our working parents.

Our one hour workout is not just a great way to stay healthy as a parent but most importantly—-> WE HAVE FUN!


Eric Opp

Co-founder & Saturday Instructor

Eric is a Fit Dad of 3 kids and has been an avid fitness enthusiast for 20+ years. He has a background in cardio and resistance training, running and triathlons. He earned his ACE personal trainer certification in 2016 and teaches our signature Saturday class. Eric is excited about helping you stay active and healthy.


Theresa Opp

Co-founder & Weekday Instructor

Theresa is a lifelong runner and loves group exercise classes. She has run two full-marathons and over 40+ trail and road races in the Bay Area. There isn’t a trail in the South Bay Area that she hasn’t run. This Fit Mom of 3 and just recently had her third child in Spring of 2019. She has been teaching weekday bootcamps for the last 2 years. Along with husband, Eric, she loves meeting and helping other busy parents who are trying to fit exercise into their lifestyle. She just recently completed her ACE personal trainer certification in February of 2019.


Suna Keller

Intern Instructor

Suna Keller, a long-time Fit Parent Bootcamp member, has been inspired to pursue her passion in fitness as a group fitness instructor, and we are so proud that she is part of our intern instructor program. She is a Fit Mom of two beautiful girls and loves to spend time in nature. Her goal is to encourage you to make self-care a priority and invites you to try out one of her fun-filled classes. You will not be disappointed!

Melissa Head Shot

Melissa Hansen Cornish

Weekday Instructor

Melissa is also a long-time member of our bootcamp and became our Friday instructor earlier in 2019. She brings tons of experience in coaching lacrosse and has a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. This Fit Mom of 2 is one of the most positive people you will ever meet. Her classes embody her positive spirit,“When I found Fit Parent Bootcamp, it was such a blessing. I get to have time to take care of myself, my kids have a blast and I’ve met amazing moms. I believe that just because you are a mom, you don’t have to loose sight of yourself!”


Whitney Goodman

Substitute Instructor

Whitney is a Fit Mom of two young children. She is a certified Group Fitness Instructor, certified Perinatal and Postpartum Fitness Instructor, and taught stroller bootcamp in Connecticut for 2.5 years previously before moving out to California in 2017. She spends her free time with her two kids and husband exploring all the beautiful outdoor activities in the Bay Area. Whitney’s found a passion for trail running through a local mom’s running group.